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The Power of PreDeciding"

Welcome to a journey of intentional living and purposeful decisions for the new year! Im exploring the profound impact of our choices make on our lives and how our PreDecide teaching series at Oceanside First Presbyterian Church and Preschool could be a catalyst for transforming your life in powerful ways.

The Power of PreDeciding

In the hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to overlook the significance of our daily decisions. But what if the key to a better life lies in the choices we make before the pivotal moments arrive? The pre-decisions may make all the difference.

The concept of pre-deciding encourages us to make choices in advance that align with our values and aspirations.

The Theology of Choice

Our decisions are not mere happenstance but integral to our identity as God's creation. Understanding the theological implications of our choices inspires us to approach decision-making with reverence and purpose. As creatures made in the image of God, our ability to choose reflects the divine nature within us. That is why it is so important to choose now who you want to be tommorow. Decided today where you want to be & who you want to be. Then take the steps to get there. Take your next step that leads closer to that goal.

Living with Conviction

In our PreDecide series we are called to live with purpose and conviction. The story of our faith is supposed to be lived with that same purpose and conviction.

The decisions we make today set the trajectory for our future.

Living with conviction means aligning our choices with the truth of God's Word and the transformative power of His grace.

As we take our next steps together, let's recognize the transformative potential of our daily decisions. You are invited to make a choice about your future. Do you want God in it? I invite you to find out more at Oceanside First Presbyterian Church and Preschool. Together, let's discover how predeciding today can lead to a better tomorrow – a life filled with purpose, alignment with God's will, and the joy of intentional living.

Are you ready to transform your tomorrow? Plan your visit to Oceanside First Presbyterian Church and Preschool and experience the power of PreDecide. If you've been away from church, there's no better time to start attending again. We can't wait to welcome you into our community of intentional living and transformative decision-making.

Don't miss out – your journey to a better tomorrow begins here!

God's Love is always True.

Pastor Mike


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