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We want to make Sunday the best day of the week!



You might be wondering, what it really like at Oceanside First Presbyterian Church and Preschool?
Simply stated, we are all about Jesus.  Here you won’t be met with, guilt, or condemnation and we don’t care how you’re dressed, what tattoos you have or don't have or even who or what you voted for. Our church is made up of imperfect people (just like  you) with every kind of story imaginable who are all loved by God. We think you will fit in pretty well.

The Best Part

Want to know the best part?
No matter what you’ve been through or what questions you might have about God, faith or life, our church is a great  place to discover the grace, love, truth and forgiveness Jesus gives to everyone. Our church community is a place that welcomes questions, doubt and uncertainty. We know that God uses those to grow people and deepen faith. I hope you might click that PLAN YOUR VISIT  so we can meet in person and chat really soon.

Our Goal
Our big goal is to help people experience faith in God in a new and meaningful way. We want you to be inspired by the music, encouraged by the message, welcomed by our church family and reminded that God's love for you is true.

We also understand visiting someplace new can be uncomfortable.
So, we've put together a list of things you can look forward to when you visit.
👉 Easy to find, guest row parking
👉 Complimentary bagels & coffee
👉 Safe and fun Preschool & Children's Ministry
👉 Nursery care for newborns to 3yrs old
👉 Live music and worship
👉 Authentic and Fun Bible-based preaching and teaching

👉 Real people with Real faith loving and serving the community.

Plan Your Visit
I want to strongly encourage you that button at the bottom of the page! Planning your visit helps us help you have the best first time experience. We will treat you like family!       


When you arrive you will encounter a beautiful and large campus. You will want to drive all the around to the back to find our Main Parking Lot. Enter our campus through the open Preschool gate and follow the pathway toward the Sanctuary. As you walk in, you will pass our Children's ministry and Preschool playground on the right and then our Kids Space called Coaster Kids Club. Follow the signs to the sanctuary.


If you have kids with you you can have them join you in worship or check them in for a great time at 10:00 am with our Coaster Kids Club / Lil Coaster groups and pick them up following the worship service. At 10:00 we have fantastic child care team for little ones 3 and below as well.  

Worship Services

Continue moving forward down the main pathway you will find our sanctuary doors on the right. As you walk in you will encounter greeters and ushers that will guide into the worship service.  Our worship services last about an hour. The music is blended featuring both band led and choir led portions of the service. There are about 160 people currently worshiping with you while many others are still online. We believe that God both hears and answers prayers so following each service we have pastors and deacons to pray with you and for you if you desires.

Meet the Pastor
Following the worship service Pastors Mike & Liz are often available to say hello as they hang out in the Sanctuary to meet and greet folks just like you!   


Again, we would love to treat you like a family and worship together,  just click that button PLAN A VISIT and you will be on your way.
 Again, thank you for visiting our web page. We can't wait to meet you.

- Pastor Mike and The Welcome Team

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