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Jesus, Biden & Trump

Staying Grounded in Faith Amidst the Chaos

Man, if there’s ever been a time when things feel upside down, it’s now. We’re surrounded by ideological battles and political drama, and it can feel like everyone’s shouting just to drown each other out. So, how do we, as followers of Jesus, keep our faith and unity intact when everything feels like it’s falling apart?

Let’s kick things off with a quote that really hit the nail on the head:

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."  — George Orwell

You know, it seems like truth is often lost in the noise. But as Christians, we need to cling to the truth of who Jesus is and what He’s done. We can’t get caught up in the latest political frenzy. Our job is to be a beacon of truth and love, cutting through the chaos with the real message of hope.

Image of a screen with an election map on it
Election Map

So, how do we do that in a world that seems so divided? Here’s the game plan:

  1. Root Your Beliefs in Jesus: Let’s make sure our values come straight from Jesus, not just from the latest news cycle. Keep your heart and mind anchored in the truth of who He is and what he has done for you. Your political thoughts should be a bit downstream from here.

  2. Have Heartfelt Conversations: Before you dive into debates, take a deep breath. Listen first to where people are coming from and try to approach every conversation with love and empathy. It’s not about winning arguments; it’s about building relationships.

  3. Build Bridges: Focus on what unites us rather than what divides us. Find common ground and work towards solutions that bring people together. Having a conversation from this perspective is wildly out of the norm. Lets not be normal.

  1. Be a Unity Champion: Even if we disagree on some things, let’s be the ones who support and lift each other up. Unity in the church is powerful and is a testament to the love of Jesus. Most folks believe what they believe with a similar depth of vigor.

  2. Live Out Justice: Talk is cheap if it’s not backed by action. Stand up for what’s right, support justice, and be a voice for those who need it. Remember that most of our talking points when it comes to politics are just that...talking points we heard someone else say or spray from the Tv or social media. Also the longer the people are divided the more division becomes the norm. Lets break those norms.

  3. Pray and Stay Connected: Stay close to God through prayer and reflection. Ask for His guidance and wisdom to navigate these tricky times and to keep living out your faith.

In a world that’s full of noise and division, we have the chance to be a shining light of hope and love. By sticking to the truth, taking meaningful action, and fostering unity, we can stay true to our faith and make a real impact.

God's Love for you is Always True

Pastor Mike Killeen


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