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A response to Departure: Why I left the church

I've recently come across this article " Departure: Why I left the church" that has undoubtedly struck a chord with many pastors who have been laboring diligently in pastoral ministry. I felt compelled to respond. It's a piece that bares the soul of a pastor who, after a decade of unwavering grace filled service, has chosen to step away from the pulpit and embark on a new journey. The reasons behind this decision are varied and complex, but what stands out is the courage and wisdom required to make such a profound shift.

I want to address those of you who may find yourselves in a similar place of introspection and questioning in ministry. It's essential to recognize that, as pastors/ministers, our calling is not static; it's a dynamic and evolving journey. The role we occupy today may not be the same one we are called to tomorrow.

Pastoral ministry is a beautiful, challenging, and multifaceted vocation. It demands our whole being, encompassing roles as preachers, counselors, CEOs, fundraisers, and more. The weight of knowing the intimate details of our congregants' lives, the expectations placed upon us, and the emotional investment required can sometimes become overwhelming in difficult ways but you also get to become overjoyed in so many seasons. Yet, here's the heart of the matter: there comes a time when we must engage in profound self-examination. We must wrestle with our calling and ask, "Is this where I am supposed to be right now?" This act of introspection is not a sign of weakness; it's a testament to our commitment to serving in our areas of greatest impact. It is a faithful and honest question. When is it time to leave?

Friends, know this: recognizing when a particular role or environment no longer aligns with your calling is an act of courage and wisdom. It is not a failure; it is a pivot toward authenticity and purpose. It's acknowledging that the journey you started on may have led you to a crossroads where a new path awaits.

Don't shy away from the challenging questions. Lean into them. Seek the counsel of mentors, peers, and, most importantly, seek Jesus. Take time to reflect on your passions, your gifts, and where you believe your calling is leading you. It's in these moments of deep introspection that we often discover the next phase of our journey—a place where our gifts align with our calling, where our passion meets purpose, and where we can continue to serve and impact the world in meaningful ways.

So, my fellow ministers, if you find yourself at a crossroads, take heart. You are not alone. Embrace the strength required to ask those pivotal questions and trust that the answers will guide you to your next chapter of purpose, you might just find your next great season.

Our calling is a lifelong journey, and sometimes, the path forward requires the wisdom to recognize when it's time to forge a new trail. As you navigate this terrain, remember that your fellow pastors stand alongside you, offering encouragement, understanding, and unwavering support.

May you find the clarity and strength to discern your path, and may your future endeavors be filled with purpose and impact as you trust God and take your next step.


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