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Celebrating 75 Years of Joy, Hope, and Growth at Oceanside First Presbyterian Church and Preschool

Greetings, dear friends! Get ready to join us in a momentous celebration as Oceanside First Presbyterian Church and Preschool marks its 75th birthday on Pentecost Sunday, June 28th. This joyous occasion commemorates seven and a

half decades of vibrant community, steadfast faith, and transformative growth.

From the remarkable pastors who have served here, including the esteemed Dr. Duane Walker, to our ongoing outreach efforts and the thriving preschool, our church radiates a spirit of joy, instills hope, and continues to flourish.

As we embark on this milestone celebration, we pay tribute to the extraordinary journey that has brought us to this point. Over the years, Oceanside First Presbyterian Church has been blessed with the leadership of friends and families from all over north county. With gratitude in our hearts, we reflect on the growth and impact of our church within both the local community and all over North County.

Each week, our congregation continues to expand, reaching out to spread the love of Christ and creating meaningful connections.

We are thrilled to witness the transformation that occurs when faith is put into action, and we eagerly anticipate the bright future that lies ahead.

Oceanside First Presbyterian Church has become a beacon of joy and hope, radiating the light of God's love to all who walk through our doors. Through uplifting worship services, inspiring Bible studies, and fellowship events that help you feel like family, we have cultivated a welcoming community where all are embraced and supported.

Our shared journey is characterized by genuine joy, unwavering hope, and an abiding sense of unity.

As we celebrate our 75th birthday on this Pentecost Sunday May 28th, we extend a heartfelt invitation to join us in this momentous occasion. Come and experience the overflowing joy, steadfast hope, and warm fellowship that define our church. Through heartfelt sermons, uplifting music, and engaging activities, we will honor our past, celebrate our present, and anticipate an even more vibrant future together.

This celebration is a testament to the remarkable legacy and the countless lives touched by Oceanside First Presbyterian Church and Preschool. We invite you to be part of our 75th birthday commemoration, a time of reflection, gratitude, and renewed commitment to living out God's love. Together, let us forge ahead, embracing the spirit of Oceanside First Presbyterian Church and continuing to impact lives for the next 75 years and beyond.

God's Love is Always True

Pastor Mike Killeen


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