What's Next?.... an update for all things Oceanside First Presbyterian

Hello Church Family Some very exciting days are here upon us as we end out the month of July together. Did I say exciting, I mean incredibly exciting days. God has been so good to us as a people and a church. These last few weeks we have seen the promises of God being lived out by our church family. We have been inviting friends, families and neighbors into our story of faith effectively because people are saying yes to Jesus. Together we all witnessed two adults getting baptized and two children also receiving this amazing gift from God. This is something to shout about! GOD IS SO GOOD! People saying yes to baptism is an important part of our church transformation and to the greater health of our church family. There are a few events and occasions I want to draw your attention to in the coming weeks. If you could commit to praying about these events and occasions, I would be honored and the church will be built up. These are all designed to help us grow together as a congregation. Saying Goodbye well…This Sunday July 22nd is our last weekend with our beloved Bev & Larry Frew. This amazing family will be recognized at both of our worship services. Following our church services there will be a lite cake reception to help launch one of the sweetest families I have ever known into their next chapter of life in Ohio. Please bring cards, gift cards, notes, gifts and well wishes to this services. We want them to launch carrying so much of our love and joy with them.

Vacation Bible School starts on July 30th. Our campus will be filled to the brim with kids and their leaders turning our whole campus into a week long adventure. Please be praying for our leaders, the students and especially their parents. One of our goals this year is to significantly connect with our students families this year. Those very same students and families will be joining us in worship on Sunday August 5th. Our goal is to make those children and families feel overwhelmingly welcomed and invited into the rest of their Faith Story.