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Experience the Full Joy of Christmas this year

🎄 Here’s the deal…

 It’s easy to get caught up in all the hustle and busyness of the Holiday Season… 🤯

 Christmas lights, shopping, decorations, parties, and even family drama… 😳

 So this year we want to invite you take time out to slow down and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas…


Join us on December 24th @ 3, 5 & 7pm for one of our special Christmas Eve Candlelight Services .

You’ll enjoy a Christmas Eve worship service filled with the music and carols you love and the story and the story of real salvation told in a way that just might make you chuckle.


✅ Live Christmas Music
✅ Candlelight Setting
✅ Treats for the Kids
✅ and more!


🎉 🎉  Come celebrate with us December 24th @ 3, 5 or  7pm and Plan Your Visit now!

Plan your Christmas Visit Now.

We have three different service times to fit your schedule, 3 pm, 5 pm & 7 pm

We are conveniently Located right off of the 78 at the top of the hill on El Camino Real.  We have ample parking, fantastic photo spots and a service that will fill your heart with hope.

More Christmas Events Below.


2001 S. El Camino Real
Oceanside, Ca
(760) 757-3560

Sunday morning service time

Church @ 10 am
Coffee and Hang out @ 11 am
Kids Ministry @ 10 am

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3pm Service

A full and fun worship service that is early enough for you to get home, cook and still be with family! No more Christmas rush. Band, Carols, Special Music and a Children's message highlight this early service along with Pastor Mike's message of hope. I pray you will join us at 3 pm.

5 pm Service

Come with your family as the sun sets and experience the wonder of Christmas as we sing the carols of the season, re-tell the story of our savior Jesus' birth and get inspired by a powerful message.  As the service ends we light our candles and share the light that God gave us!

7 pm Service

Relax and sing the songs of the season led with an upbeat and casual feel. Slow down and experience the light of the world. Candlelight will set the tone as we greet our savior Jesus on this special evening.  Come as you are and experience the joy of Christmas at its fullest. 

Christmas time events

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The Blue Christmas Luncheon

Some folks get the blues during the Holidays.  Let' s come  together and and remember those we love and miss during this time of the year.

Carols& Cocoa (3 x 4 in).png

Carols & Cocoa

Christmas Sing-a-long

Come and gather round the piano in your favorite Xmas jammies and sing all of your favorite  Xmas tunes

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Sundays were designed for you. You have a spot saved to attend church in person or online.
We have a place for you Sunday mornings at 10!

✅ Free Coffee
✅ Fantastic Music
✅ Authentic Message
✅ Real People Following Jesus
✅ Choir
✅ Praise and Worship Band

You will have a great time in a joy filled sanctuary as we worship and share our lives together. Every Sunday morning at 10 am is an event not to be missed.


This church is 100% FOR YOU!
Come and be set FREE today

All we ask is that you Plan Your Visit below so we can save a spot for you and your family, and give them a welcome gift. So Plan Your Visit now and we will see you on Sunday at 10 am


✅ Come as you are.
✅ No perfect people allowed.
✅ Everyone has a story to tell and a past to share.
✅ You start and grow your faith here.


2001 S. El Camino Real
Oceanside, Ca
(760) 757-3560

Service Time

Sundays @ 10 am
Coffee and Hang out @ 11 am
Kids Ministry @ 10 am

Discover Your People
Find Your Faith
Plan Your Visit

→ Looking for deeper purpose in this life?

→ Trying to new find friends to share life with?

Needing to start your story of faith?

Here’s the deal…


We do things a little differently around here…


We know it can be a little weird or even awkward visiting a church for the first time…


That’s why we created Plan Your Visit.


When you sign up for Plan Your Visit we’ll:


✅ meet you at the front door

✅ help you get your kids checked in

✅ introduce you around to a few people

✅ save you a good seat

✅ we’ll even sit with you if you want (so you don't have to sit by yourself)


We want to make your first visit as easy as possible, and actually take time to get to know you and your family.


Pretty crazy idea, right?


Will you come hang out with us this Sunday?


Just click on the Plan Your Visit button below and schedule your visit for this Sunday!

You might be wondering, what it's really like at Oceanside First Presbyterian Church and Preschool? Simply stated, we are all about Jesus. 

Here you won’t be met with, guilt, or condemnation and we don’t care how you’re dressed, what tattoos you have or don't have or even who or what you voted for.

Our church is made up of imperfect people (just like you) with every kind of story imaginable who are all loved by God. We think you just might fit in pretty well.

When you arrive you will receive a warm greeting at our Sanctuary doors. There is a modern atmosphere with both contemporary and traditional worship music and relevant Bible-based teaching that seriously adds to your life...

Plus Pastor Mike is pretty funny too .

Feel free to come as you are, dressed up or casual, suit or shorts, the only thing that matters is that you come and enjoy what Sunday was designed for. That is why we created Plan Your Visit.

We want to make your first time with us as smooth as possible and actually have a few moments to get to know you and your family.

It's a crazy idea right?  You are worth getting to know well.

Will you come and hang out with us this Sunday?

Click that Plan Your Visit button now and make it happen this weekend.

Will you come and join me at church this Sunday?

We just want to meet you and help you grow in your faith


Pastor Mike and his wife Aimee

Hi, my name is Mike
I believe that you are created to pursue an authentic relationship with God and it is in that relationship with God that your life can take on real purpose and significance.

Only with God can you fulfill the purpose he designed you for. You are here to help demonstrate God's love to our very broken world.

I am one of those guys who is crazy enough to think that we can, with God's help, change the world as we live into God's purpose of demonstrating his unconditional love to the world.

You can find your purpose, you can grow your faith, you can find your tribe.



Test Drive a Message

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