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Church Choir

Add your voice to the song

Join us in worship and experience the transformative power of singing praise to God together as a community. Whether you're a seasoned singer or just starting out, we welcome you to our vibrant and growing church community.

How our Church Loves to Sing

Both Traditional and Contemporary together?

We are reminded that we worship God not a particular style of music.

  • Our traditional hymns sung with our choir and accompanied by our beautiful pipe organ, piano and we often have guest instrumentalists

  • Our contemporary praise songs are led with full band, often including guitars, drums, and keyboard

  • Our music team is made up of experienced musicians with a passion for helping you experience God in a profound way.

  • Our sound and video system to ensure the best audio quality audio and video for both our in-person and our online our congregation

  • A wide variety of music styles and genres to appeal to everyone's taste

  • Regular opportunities for members to participate in the music ministry and showcase their talents.

We really do love to sing

and what you to add your voice

Singing at Oceanside First Presbyterian Church has brought so much joy and peace to my life. The hymns and contemporary songs have helped me connect with God in a powerful way"

As someone who is new to Christianity, I was hesitant to sing during church services. But the welcoming and supportive environment at Oceanside First Presbyterian Church helped me feel comfortable and now I love to sing every week!

Will you add your voice in Praise?

Are you ready to join us in song and experience the joy of singing together as a faith community? Plan your visit today and discover how our church loves to sing! Our doors are open and our choir and band are waiting to welcome you. Come and be a part of something special. Click the button below to plan your visit now

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