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The R3 Campaign

We are following Jesus's call as we cast our nets again with our goal to raise156 thousand dollars to address some much needed large item repairs, replacements and renewal across our campus.


A campaign during a crisis? Absolutely. We believe that God's call to be a good steward of the property doesn't stop even in times like these. We believe that ever gift given to the R3 Campaign is a an active step of faith and trust.  We believe that Jesus is calling us to again cast our nets for a big catch, not only to funds the many capital projects around the campus but to also reach more people in our community.  We have been using this time to continue our efforts in updating the interior of our campus. We need your direct today to help us reel in and accomplish some of the major projects that the session and facilities team identified.

Pastor Mike spoke on our need to fully replace the Great Hall Roof so
that we might be able to utilize that space for our community and now
with local restrictions large spaces are in demand! We also need to
address our heating and cooling units across our campus. Most of our
HVAC units are over 20 years old. Our plan is to replace 7-10 of the
oldest units with high efficiency units that will keep our campus
comfortable and welcoming. As we continue to update the interior of our
campus offices and classroom we would love to replace much of the
carpeting across our campus. Lastly our technology infrastructure was fantastic when it was built but sorely need to be updated with modern and secure machines for our staff and volunteers.

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