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Ever wondered if the choices you make today can craft the life you desire tomorrow? Spoiler alert: they absolutely can! Join us as we explore the profound impact of Pre-Decisions on our journey toward becoming the best version of ourselves.

Ever wondered if the choices you make today can craft the life you desire tomorrow? Spoiler alert: they absolutely can! Join us as we explore the profound impact of Pre-Decisions on our faith and life journey toward becoming the best version of ourselves.
What to Expect

Decide today to make your tomorrow better!

We're thrilled to invite you to a life-altering experience—our 7-week series, "Pre-Decide: Better Choices, Better Life." This isn't just another teaching series; it's an invitation to reshape your destiny through intentional decisions.

🙌 See You at the Kickoff:  January 7th at 10 AM

Mark your calendar for the series kickoff! Be there at 10 AM to discover the transformative power of pre-decision.

Ready to Pre-Decide? Click the Button Below

You Are Invited

Are you ready to pre-decide for a better life? Your journey starts here, and we want you to be a part of it. Click below to plan your visit and dive into a series that goes beyond the ordinary.

What to Expect

No matter what you’ve been through or what questions you might have about God, faith or life, Oceanside First Presbyterian Church and Preschool is a great  place to discover the grace, love, truth and forgiveness Jesus gives to everyone. Our church is a community that welcomes those with questions, who are dealing with doubt and struggling with uncertainty. We know that God loves you and wants a relationship with you. I hope you might click our PLAN YOUR VISIT  button so we can meet in person and chat really soon.

Your First Visit
We also understand visiting someplace new can be uncomfortable.
So, we've put together a list of things you can look forward to when you visit.
👉 Easy to find, guest row parking in front and in back
👉 Complimentary snacks & coffee
👉 Safe and fun Preschool & Children's Ministry
👉 Nursery care for newborns to 3yrs old
👉 A rich blend of music styles and music traditions
👉 Authentic and Fun Bible-based, Christ Centered preaching and teaching relevant to your life today.

👉 Real people with Real faith loving and serving the community.


When you arrive you will encounter a beautiful and very large campus. You will want to drive all the around to the back to find our Main Parking Lot. Enter our campus through the open Preschool gate and follow the pathway toward the Sanctuary. As you walk in, you will pass  through our Preschool playground on the right and then our Kids Space called Coaster Kids Club. You can drop kids off here or bring them into church with you. Follow the signs to the sanctuary.


If you have kids with you you can have them join you in worship or check them in for a great time at 10:00 am with our Coaster Kids Club / Lil Coaster groups and pick them up following the worship service. At 10:00 we have a fantastic child care team for little ones 3 and below as well.  

Worship Services

Continue moving forward down the main pathway you will find our sanctuary doors on the right. As you walk in you will encounter greeters and ushers that will guide into the worship service.  Our worship services last a little more than an hour. The music is blended, featuring both band led and choir led portions of the service. We believe that God both hears and answers prayers so following each service we have pastor Mike and a few deacons available to pray with you and for you if you desires.

Meet the Pastor
Following the worship service Pastor Mike is often available to say hello as they hang out in the Sanctuary to meet and greet folks just like you! He would love to meet you and hear your story. 

Again, we would love to treat you like a family and worship together,  just click that button PLAN A VISIT and you will be on your way.
 Again, thank you for visiting our web page. We can't wait to meet you.

- Pastor Mike and The Welcome Team



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