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You been looking for a safe and fun place to take your kiddos this Halloween Weekend.
You found it

This is our 22nd year hosting the All Hallow's Eve Celebration and Fall Carnival FOR YOU here at Oceanside First Presbyterian Church and Preschool. When you visit each of our many activity/game stations your kid will receive a lot of candy. There will be enough even to cover the parent tax (some candy for your too).You can groove to the sounds of our DJ, check out one of our special live entertainment shows or just hang out with friends in a safe environment for your kid. 

We will also have on site food trucks (with a kids food options) so you can have a great time and purchase a great meal and not get Hallow Hangry!


This is a bring your whole family and friends event! The campus is safe, the staff is amazing and the environment if not scary to even out smallest guests. (We do request that kids and parents not wear scary costumes or masks to this event as we do not want to scare our littlest ones).If you register here, you can skip the entry line and we will just scan you and your family into the event like a fast pass! get in and go. Just bring your in your ticket/confirmation.

✅ Free Candy
✅ Live DJ
✅ Food Trucks
✅ Non- scary environment for
✅ Fun and challenging games and activities
✅ Photo Spots for the whole family

You and your family will have an amazing time  at this amazing event.

oceanside-first-presbyterian-church-carlsbad-vista- all- hallows - fall-carnival-kids-in-c
oceanside-first-presbyterian-church-carlsbad-vista- all- hallows - fall-carnival-pastor-mi

This event is 100% FREE
and open to the public!

All we ask is that you Plan Your Visit below so we can save a spot for you and your family and you can beat the registration line. So click that Plan Your Visit now button and we will see you at All Hallows

oceanside-first-presbyterian-church-carlsbad-vista- all- hallows-fall-carnival-skeletons.j
oceanside-first-presbyterian-church-carlsbad-vista- all- hallows - fall-carnival jana-witc
oceanside-first-presbyterian-church-carlsbad-vista- all- hallows - fall-carnival-little-me

✅ Safe and secure campus.
✅ Food Trucks.
✅ Ample parking onsite and across the street.
✅ Great family photo locations!.


2001 S. El Camino Real
Oceanside, Ca
(760) 757-3560

Event Time

Gates open at 2 pm!

Church Service Time

Sundays @ 10 am
Coffee and Hang out @ 11 am
Kids Ministry @ 10 am

We would love to see you at church too
Discover Your People
Find Your Faith
Plan Your Visit

→ Looking for deeper purpose in this life?

→ Trying to new find friends to share life with?

Needing to start your story of faith?

You might be wondering, what it's really like at Oceanside First Presbyterian Church and Preschool? Simply stated, we are all about Jesus. 

Here you won’t be met with, guilt, or condemnation and we don’t care how you’re dressed, what tattoos you have or don't have or even who or what you voted for.

Our church is made up of imperfect people (just like you) with every kind of story imaginable who are all loved by God. We think you just might fit in pretty well.

When you arrive you will receive a warm greeting at our Sanctuary doors. There is a modern atmosphere with both contemporary and traditional worship music and relevant Bible-based teaching that seriously adds to your life...

Plus Pastor Mike is pretty funny too .

Feel free to come as you are, dressed up or casual, suit or shorts, the only thing that matters is that you come and enjoy what Sunday was designed for. That is why we created Plan Your Visit.

When you sign up for a Plan Your Visit we'll:

✅ Meet you and greet you by name at the front door
✅ Help you get your kids into worship or our children's ministry ... choose your own adventure.
✅ Save you a prime seat, not too close and not too far away.
✅ We will even sit with you if you like.

We want to make your first time with us as smooth as possible and actually have a few moments to get to know you and your family.

It's a crazy idea right?  You are worth getting to know well.

Will you come and hang out with us this Sunday?

Click that Plan Your Visit button now and make it happen this weekend.

Will you come and join me at church this Sunday?

We just want to meet you and help you grow in your faith


Pastor Mike and his wife Aimee

Hi, my name is Mike
I believe that you are created to pursue an authentic relationship with God and it is in that relationship with God that your life can take on real purpose and significance.

Only with God can you fulfill the purpose he designed you for. You are here to help demonstrate God's love to our very broken world.

I am one of those guys who is crazy enough to think that we can, with God's help, change the world as we live into God's purpose of demonstrating his unconditional love to the world.

You can find your purpose, you can grow your faith, you can find your tribe.


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